Account Help

Set up your personal accounts in the library catalog and the research databases.

Gale Sign-in


If you use the research databases Gale Literature Resource Center or Gale Virtual Reference Center, you can sign in using either a Google or Microsoft account. Your campus email, which is hosted by Microsoft Outlook, should enable you to log into Gale.

When you are logged in, you can temporarily save articles to a folder. You may then email the articles to yourself, or else save them to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Sign into an Account on Gale

Begin by navigating to a Gale database—such as the Gale Literature Resource Center—from our databases page.

  1. From the top of the screen, sign in with a Google or Microsoft account—or both. Your NWOSU email address should work as a Microsoft account.

    Gale Virtual Reference Library interface showing options to sign into Google or Microsoft accounts
  2. Choosing either option should take you to a login screen. Input your user name or email and password for either Google or Microsoft.

    Screenshot of Google sign-in screen
  3. Once you are signed in, you can save any articles of interest to your folder.

    Screenshot of Gale with article saved to a folder
  4. To find your folder, locate it under the More tab next to the search bar.

    The tab labeled more and the folder option under it displayed in a Gale database
  5. From within your folder, you can export your selected articles by choosing to Send to Google Drive™ or Send to OneDrive™.

    Screenshot of folder on Gale, with option to export files to OneDrive or Google Drive
  6. Gale will not save the contents of your folder from one session to the next. Before logging out, be sure to export your documents. The system will usually warn you if you attempt to log out without saving your articles.

    Warning message indicating that documents in the folder will be lost upon exiting Gale