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Set up your personal accounts in the library catalog and the research databases.

My WorldCat Account

Our library catalog system, which gets you books and much more.

Get Connected

Follow the instructions here and on the following pages to set up personal accounts with the library and our partner organizations.

Below, find instructions for setting up an account with our WorldCat catalog. This will enable you to keep track of what books you have checked out and when they are due, and it will also enable you to create lists of resources to aid you in your research.

Create a Library Account

Begin by navigating to our catalog by selecting Books, Articles & More from the navigation menu at the top of this page.

  1. Select Sign In from the Northwestern Oklahoma State University WorldCat Discovery search.

    Screencapture of WordCat, showing sign in button in upper right
  2. If you are signing in for the first time or don’t remember your password, select Set/reset password.

    Sign-in window with option to to Set/reset passoword highlighted
  3. You will need your student I.D. number, with which you can Request new password.

    Login screen asking for student identification number and password
  4. You will receive an email containing a link. Follow the link to a window inviting you to input a New Password.

    Window asking for identification number and password
  5. Once you have input your number and password, you can now log in to your account.

    FInal window informing the user that the password has been changed