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Account Help

Set up your personal accounts in the library catalog & research databases.

My EBSCOhost


The company EBSCO curates most of our databases. EBSCOhost is the online platform for accessing those databases.

An account with EBSCO will enable you to save articles to a personal folder, check out eBooks, and subscribe to digital journals. Once you have created an account, you can use it in any EBSCO database.

To create your account, follow the steps listed below.

Video Guide

Figure 1
My EBSCOhost Personalization

Note. From My EBSCOhost Folder - Tutorial, by EBSCO Tutorials, , YouTube ( Copyright 2022 by EBSCO.

Create a My EBSCOhost Account

Begin by navigating to any EBSCO database from the A–Z Databases page.

  1. Select Sign In on the database’s navigation bar.

    Sign-in option on the navigation bar of an EBSCO database.
    The sign-in option in an EBSCO database.
  2. If you have a Google account, you can use it to log in. Otherwise, select Create one now to create a new account with EBSCO.

    EBSCOhost sign-in screen.
    The log-in screen in EBSCOhost.
  3. If you create an EBSCO account, fill out the form, which will require Name and other basic information. Use your Rangers email address to create this account.

    Account setup screen in EBSCOhost
    The sign-up form for an EBSCO account.
  4. Once you have created your account, EBSCO will maintain a folder where you can save articles of interest or see the eBooks you have checked out. You can also save searches or create subscriptions to journals.

    Folder option on the EBSCOhost navigation bar.
    The link to your folder.