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Set up your personal accounts in the library catalog and the research databases.

JSTOR Account


Northwestern Oklahoma State University subscribes to the Life Sciences Collection at JSTOR, an online repository of scholarly literature. Any books or articles in the Life Sciences Collection are available to you free of cost.

Setting up an account with JSTOR will enable you to save articles to your personal workspace. It will also allow you to read six free articles per month from outside the Life Sciences Collection.

Follow these instructions to create your account. Also, if you navigate to JSTOR while off-campus, see these instructions for logging in through Northwestern Oklahoma State University from the JSTOR site.

Create a JSTOR Account

Begin by navigating to the JSTOR website from our databases page.

  1. If the system recognizes your university, you can Register for an account by clicking the link in the upper right corner.

    Screenshot of JSTOR with Register link highlighted
  2. This will bring up a form asking for several pieces of information, including name, affiliation, and so forth. Fill out the form using your NWOSU email address. You may notice that the page claims that an account allows you to read up to six free articles a month, but don’t let that confuse you: That applies to articles that are not part of the Life Sciences Collection.

    Screenshot of registration form
  3. Once you are logged in, you have access to several features, including a Workspace. You can save articles to this workspace, create folders, and export multiple citations simultaneously. You can read or download an unlimited number of articles from the Life Sciences Collection, but can only get access to six articles from outside it per month, and must read them online. Any articles you read from other collections will automatically be added to your My Free Articles page.

    Dropdown menu available once an individual is logged in, showing access to My Workspace
  4. If you have used your NWOSU email address to create a Google account, you will in the future be able to log into JSTOR using Google.

    JSTOR login screen with option to log in through Google highlighted

Log in to Your Institution on JSTOR

If you sign into JSTOR while on campus, you will automatically be recognized as having free access to the Life Sciences Collection.

If you sign in while off campus, however, you may (depending on how you attempt to access the system) need to inform JSTOR of your affiliation.

  1. In some circumstances, when logging in from off-campus, you may see the EZProxy screen, in which case you can simply input the username and password you use on Self Service. If you instead encounter JSTOR’s main page, then at the top of the screen, select Login Through Your Library.

    Screenshot of JSTOR with the link Login Through Your Library highlighted
  2. This will take you to a screen labeled Login via an Institution. Type Northwestern Oklahoma State University into the Search box where you see the words “Enter your institution’s name.”

    Alternatively, if JSTOR recognizes that you are in Oklahoma, it may present you with a list of Oklahoma institutions, from which you can select Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

    JSTOR login screen with Northwestern Oklahoma State University in search box
  3. After you press Search, the system should return one result. Click Login next to the university’s name.

    Search result showing NWOSU, with the link labeled Login highlighted
  4. This will take you to the EZProxy screen, where you can enter the same username and password you use on Self Service.

    EZProxy screen asking for user name and password