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Set up your personal accounts in the library catalog and the research databases.

My Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary Online (OED) is the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language, featuring not only current words and their usages, but also historical definitions as well as literary passages illustrating the words’ usage in context. This is an effective resource for looking up archaic or technical terms.

A personal profile in the database allow you to save words and searches. Create your personal profile by following the steps below.

Create an OED Personal Profile

Begin by navigating to the Oxford English Dictionary from our databases page.

  1. Click the Sign in link in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Screenshot of Oxford English Dictionary Online, showing sign in link
  2. When the sign-in window appears, select Don’t have an account?

    Screenshot of personal profile log-in window
  3. Set up your account by filling in your Name and Email address.

    Screenshot of log-in window asking for name and email address
  4. You may have to complete a CAPTCHA in order to finish creating your account.

    Screenshot of CAPTCHA test to identify parts of a photograph
  5. See your account and its features by selecting your name in the upper right corner and clicking My OED.

    Screenshot of dropdown menu showing My OED option
  6. Once logged in, you can save definitions and searches using the link marked Save.

    Word definition with save option highlighted
  7. You can also adjust your personal settings to choose how definitions are displayed.

    Screenshot of options to change the appearance of definitions