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BIOL 1224 General Zoology

Introduction to animal biology.

Library Exercises

Learn to Use the Library

These exercises will help you get comfortable doing research in the library system.

You will need to use the research databases and the library catalog to complete these tasks. Some questions are open-ended and have many correct answers. Others have only one correct answer.

When you give a complete reference, use either APA or CSE style.

Contact the research librarian for assistance.

Searching the Primary Literature

  1. Using JSTOR, find the article entitled Habituation of the Rattle Response in Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Crotalus atrox.

    • What did you use?

    • What was it published in?

    • What year was the article published, and in did you find it?

    • Give the

  2. Give the complete citation (APA or CSE style) for any

  3. Give a citation from the primary literature (APA or CSE style) for a List the keywords and Boolean qualifiers you used in your search.

  4. Find the EBSCO database called Academic Search Complete. Using this database, find the journal entitled Journal of Mammalogy and give the complete citation (APA or CSE style) for

  5. Using any EBSCO database,

    • Type in the keyword evolve. Write down the number of articles you find.

    • Now search for evolution. How many articles do you get?

    • Try again with evolved. How many articles this time?

    • Finally, try a truncated search: Type in evolv*. Now how many articles do you get?

Finding Books in the Library

  1. Go to the library. In the stacks, find the physical book entitled Fish Physiology, volume 12. What topic does this book cover?

  2. Write the title and call number for

Using Google Scholar

  1. Using Google Scholar, find and write, in appropriate format (APA or CSE), the or books about the reproduction of any organism you choose. Also, print out the first page of your Google results (that is, the search results, not the first page of each article you find).

Research Librarian