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EDUC 4532 Early Childhood Assessment

Methods of naturalistic assessment & research for early childhood education.

Journals & eJournals


Are you looking for a specific journal? See these instructions for finding a journal in our catalog and databases.

If you’re unsure where to begin, try this list of recommended journals.

Search the Library Catalog

Advanced Search

How to Find Journals in the Catalog

  1. Navigate to the library catalog by choosing CatalogGo to the Catalog from the navigation bar.

  2. In the catalog, select the Resources dropdown menu and choose the option eJournals A–Z List.

    Resources dropdown menu in the library catalog.
    Dropdown menu in the library catalog.
  3. When the search junction appears, select the tab labeled Journals.

  4. Search or browse:

    • Search the eJournals A–Z List to find out if Northwestern provides full-text coverage.

    • Alternatively, select the Browse tab to see a complete list of journal titles.

    WorldCat search junction with Journal selected and both search and browse options available.
    Options available in the periodical search junction.
  1. Navigate to the library catalog by choosing CatalogGo to the Catalog from the navigation bar.

  2. Choose the Advanced Search option.

    Advanced search option in the library catalog.
    Advanced search.
  3. Under Search Index, select Title. Then type the name of the journal you want to find in the Search Term bar.

  4. Specify Journal/Magazine under Format and conduct your search.

    Advanced search in WorldCat with the format dropdown menu highlighted.
    The advanced search screen.

While in an EBSCO database, select the tab labeled Publications to browse or search the publication list.

You can subscribe to receive updates from a particular journal by selecting the RSS icon () to the left of the journal’s title.

Publication list displayed in a database.
Publications window in an EBSCO database.

Suggested Journals

These journals may be useful.

This is not a comprehensive list. In a research database, you can search by Journal Name in conjunction with other search terms.