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ENGL 1113 Composition 1

A review of grammar & basic mechanics with a focus on effective college-level personal & expository essay writing.

Session 1: Recognizing Sources

Welcome to Our Library

The library is the research hub of the university, and learning how to use its resources is essential to your academic success.

Activities & Discussions

  1. Using the computer available on your table, find a book in the catalog, retrieve it from the shelf, and bring it back. Tell the class why you chose it.

  2. Discuss source types. Learn the difference between a magazine and journal. Learn the difference between popular and peer reviewed.

  3. Look at source types in the folder (folder will be present on your table at the beginning of class). Discuss together as a class which sources are peer reviewed and which are popular, and how to use each source.

  4. Use a database to conduct a search on a pre-selected topic. Learn how to choose keywords from a research question. Locate a peer-reviewed article in the database

How to Cite Your Sources