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ENGL 1213 Composition 2

Research & rhetoric for more advanced expository essays.

Session 2: Information Cycle & Research Process

The Process of Research

When you return to the library for your second session, we’ll discuss where information comes from and how it develops over time. After that, we’ll discuss the research process.

Watch the presentation and then complete the following activities.

In-Class Presentation


  1. Different types of sources will inform your research in different ways. Take a look at the resources in the folder handed out in class. Identity each resource by type and determine where it falls in the information cycle as well as what kind of research need it would meet.

  2. After you have learned about the research process and how it is in some ways a reverse of the Information Cycle, find reference sources related to a research topic (preferably the subject you are researching for this class).

    How useful are these reference sources? Do they give you a broad background? Can you pick out keywords that will further assist you in your research?

Library Resources

Try these databases to find reference works.


Worksheets will be handed out in class, but they are also provided here.