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HIST 4433/5433 Historical Methods

An examination of research methods & historical writing.

Articles & Databases

Periodicals of All Types

The library’s research databases enable you to find articles, electronic books, reports, images, and more. The content of each database is varied:

  • Some of the materials are full-text and some are not.
  • Some are scholarly and some are popular.
  • Some databases cover almost every topic while others focus on a specific area.

The database lists below are roughly sorted by subject, but most have overlapping subject relevance, so read the descriptions of to select the most appropriate databases.

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Social Science Databases

Although not necessarily exhaustive, the following list of databases is likely to be useful for research in the Social Sciences:

Multidisciplinary Databases

Criminal Justice

History & Global Studies

Political Science & Public Administration

Social Science Education


News & Current Events

eBooks & Reference Works

Theses & Dissertations

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