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Study Abroad

Opportunities for international travel & education.

Previous Trips


See the information on previous trips that students, faculty, and others have taken through our Study Abroad Program.

Previous Trips

  • 2024: Greece
    Led by Dr. Wayne McMillin & Dr. Leslie Collins

  • 2023: England, Ireland, & Wales
    Led by Dr. Jenny Sattler

  • : Italy, The Grand Tour
    Led by Shannon Leaper & Dr. Wayne McMillin

  • : Scotland, England, & Ireland
    Led by Kyle Larson & Dr. Kathryn Lane

  • : Australia & New Zealand
    Led by Dr. Kathryn Lane & Dr. Jenny Sattler

  • : France & Spain
    Led by Dr. Wayne McMillin

  • : Italy & Spain
    Led by Dr. Kathryn Lane

  • : Germany, Czech Republic, & France
    Led by Dr. Wayne McMillin

  • : England, Ireland, & France
    Led by Dr. Patti Wilber


Crowd next to a tour bus.

: Europe

Group photograph in Pisa, Italy.

: Pisa, Italy

Tour group standing in front of The Colosseum.

: The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Tour group posing in restaurant or market.

: France & Spain

Tour group in front of the glass pyramid at The Louvre.

: The Louvre, Paris, France