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AMST 5113 Interdisciplinary Research in American Studies

Students will write a master’s thesis or an article suitable for publication.

Articles & Databases

Electronic Resources

The library’s research databases enable you to find articles, electronic books, reports, images, and more.

The content of each database varies:

  • Some materials are full-text, but some are not.
  • Some materials are scholarly whereas some are popular.
  • Some databases cover almost every topic while others focus on a specific area.

The following list of databases has been selected for this course. Keep in mind that a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary subject such as this may require you to think innovatively, so do not limit yourself to these resources.

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American Studies Databases

Although not necessarily an exhaustive list, the following databases are relevant to the subject of American Studies:

Multidisciplinary Databases

News & Current Events

Government & Law




Literature Databases

History & Humanities

Psychology & Social Science

Medical Databases

eBooks & Reference Works

Theses & Dissertations