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EDUC 5933 Classroom Research & Institutional Effectiveness

A systematic analysis of classroom & institutional problems.


Resources from the Web

Check out this list of websites to see information and organizations associated with education.

Always be cautious when using sites from the open internet, and be sure to read websites critically.

How Google Search Works

Figure 1
How Google Search Works

Note. From How Google Search Works (in 5 Minutes), by Google, , YouTube ( CC BY.

Educational Research Websites

These sites are dedicated to educational research.

Education Websites

These are educational websites for teachers.

Read Websites Critically

Anyone can publish anything on the internet.

Use the Spider Method to ensure that your internet sources are appropriate for your research.


Who wrote the information? Is he qualified? If you can’t find an author, you shouldn’t trust the information until you verify it elsewhere.


Why does this website exist? Is it intended to sell a product or convince readers of something? Can you detect any bias?


Is the information current? Check for a publication date. If there isn’t one, you need to verify currency with another source.


Be aware of the host site. Is the domain .edu or .gov? These domains sometimes have more authoritative or reliable information.


Who is the intended audience? Is there adequate depth to the information? Are you sure it’s not a hoax site or satire?


Is the same information available on other websites? Triangulate with other sources to improve the chance of getting complete or accurate information.