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A survey of American literature and and American literary movements from pre-colonial writers to .

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How to Find Books in the Catalog


Type any term, such as psychology or modeling. Remember, keyword searching only looks for your term. There’s no guarantee the results will be about your term.


Type any known words from the title. Avoid articles like a or the.


Use Last name, First name or First name Last name order.

Detail of catalog limiters, set to limit to the NWOSU collection.
An example of limiters available in the catalog.
  • To Northwestern Oklahoma State University Library Services to discover items held at NWOSU.

  • By Format (book, article, etc.) to get materials of a particular type.

  • Select the Advanced Search option to refine your search or use the options in left sidebar after you have begun your search.

  • Use quotes around phrases like "social media" or "college athletes".

  • A search for books will include both print books and eBooks, but can be limited to either format.

    Screenshot of catalog with the words book and eBook highlighted.
    An example search containing both books and eBooks.
  • Use the Boolean operators and, or, and not.

    Boolean Operator Tutorial
    McMaster Libraries. (). How library stuff works: Boolean operators (and or not) [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/bCAULDuMcso


    • Soviet and Russian

    • "Soviet Union" or Russia

    • Mexico not New

    Note: Some databases and search engines require that Boolean operators be typed in all caps to distinguish them from search terms.

  • To truncate a search term, enter a minimum of the first three letters followed by a question mark (?) or an asterisk (*).

    Example: child* or infant*

  • Use parentheses to create more precise searches.

    Example: (games or toys) and (child* or infant*)

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