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Finding Resources

Find information & research materials in the library.


Get Your Journals Here

Are you looking for a specific journal? See these instructions for finding a journal in our catalog and databases.

If you’re unsure where to begin, try this list of recommended journals.

Search the Library Catalog

Advanced Search

How to Find Journals in the Catalog

  1. Navigate to the library catalog by choosing CatalogGo to the Catalog from the navigation bar.

  2. In the catalog, select the Resources dropdown menu and choose the option eJournals A–Z List.

    Figure 1
    Dropdown Menu in the Library Catalog
    Resources dropdown menu in the library catalog.
  3. When the search junction appears, select the tab labeled Journals.

  4. Search or browse:

    • Search the eJournals A–Z List to find out if Northwestern provides full-text coverage.

    • Alternatively, select the Browse tab to see a complete list of journal titles.

    Figure 2
    Options in the Periodical Search Junction
    WorldCat search junction with Journal selected and both search and browse options available.
  1. Navigate to the library catalog by choosing CatalogGo to the Catalog from the navigation bar.

  2. Choose the Advanced Search option.

    Figure 3
    Advanced Search
    Advanced search option in the library catalog.
  3. Under Search Index, select Title. Then type the name of the journal you want to find in the Search Term bar.

  4. Specify Journal/Magazine under Format and conduct your search.

    Figure 4
    The Advanced Search Screen
    Advanced search in WorldCat with the format dropdown menu highlighted.

While in an EBSCO database, select the tab labeled Publications to browse or search the publication list.

You can subscribe to receive updates from a particular journal by selecting the RSS icon () to the left of the journal’s title.

Figure 5
Publications Window in an EBSCO Database
Publication list displayed in a database.

Search within a Journal

In an EBSCO Database

EBSCO makes it possible to search inside an individual journal.

However, doing so requires some basic understanding of how the databases function. Follow these instructions to conduct your search:

  1. Begin by finding a journal using the instructions above.

  2. On the journal’s page, select the link entitled Search within this publication.

    Journal entry in a JSTOR database.
    A journal’s entry in an EBSCO database.
  3. This will return you to the Basic Search screen. The letters JN, followed by the name of the journal in quotation marks, should be present in the search bar.

  4. Now select Advanced Search.

    EBSCO search bar with Advanced Search option highlighted.
    The Advanced Search option on the Basic Search screen.
  5. On the Advanced Search screen, the journal title will be in the first search bar. Type your search terms into the subsequent search bars.

    Advanced search screen in an EBSCO database
    The Advanced Search screen.
  6. Conduct your search. The results should only display articles from your selected journal.


JSTOR is not designed for searching individual journals, but it is still possible.

  1. From the menu, select Advanced Search.

    The main screen of JSTOR.
    The Advanced Search option in JSTOR.
  2. Under the Journal Filter, find your subject of interest and select the chevron () to its left. This will open a list of relevant journals.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the journal you wish to search.

    Subjects and journals on the advanced search screen.
    Subjects and related journals are listed in an accordion menu at the bottom of the Advanced Search screen.
  4. Enter your search terms in the search bar labeled Keyword and conduct your search as usual.

Note: Attempts to search within individual journals in JSTOR have been largely unsuccessful. You will probably get better results limiting only by subject instead of by journal title.

In Gale Literature Resource Center

Searching in specific publications is easy, but finding which publications are available is more difficult.

  1. To find out if a title is available, select Title List.

    Main screen of Gale Literature Resource Center.
    The Title List in Gale Literature Resource Center.
  2. This will take you to the Gale Support site. Find Literature Resource Center on the list of Gale products and open the Excel file for Journals and Magazines. This file contains a list of the publications in the database.

    The title list on the Gale Support Site.
    The link to the Excel file as it appears on the Gale Support site.
  3. When you know the title you want to search, return to the Gale Literature Resource Center and select Advanced Search.

  4. In the input window labeled by publication title, type the name of the journal you wish to search. The journal’s name should then appear in a dropdown list. Select it.

    The dropdown menu under the By Publication Title input bar.
    The dropdown menu should appear after you begin typing.
  5. Using the search bar labeled Search for, enter your search terms and select Search. The results should all be from your chosen journal.