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Finding Resources

Find information & research materials in the library.


Find Periodicals

Most of the periodicals that the library receives are electronic and can be found in our research databases.

If you know a specific article you want to find, you can use the catalog’s article search. Otherwise, begin by using the resources listed here.

Search the Library Catalog

Advanced Search

Research Databases

The research databases contain information on a wide range of subjects.

They include articles from peer-reviewed journals, popular magazines, and newspapers.

A–Z Database List

This dropdown menu contains an alphabetical list of the available databases.

To see a complete description of each database, use this link:

Quick Links

These links will help you find specific types of database or specific journal titles.

Database Providers

These links will take you to the online platforms of our major database providers, from which you can get direct access to their resources.

Open-Access Databases

These scholarly databases are freely available on the internet.