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Faculty Services

Resources & services available to university faculty.

Purchase Requests

Make Us Buy Stuff

The library collection thrives on faculty input. If you know of items—books, journals, research databases, or anything else—that belong in the library, let us know with this form.

How to Order Books or Other Items

The library welcomes suggestions for the purchase of new materials to meet the educational goals of Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

  • All full-time faculty members are encouraged to submit suggestions for library material.

  • We will support requests for monographs (other than textbooks) for use in your courses. As a rule, however, duplicates will not be purchased unless a pressing need is demonstrated.

  • Print journals will be considered as a special request.

  • Textbooks, as designated by their publishers, are not usually considered because these are costly and go out of date quickly.

We value your input. Please order titles that support your courses and research.

Note the following:

  • It can take up to a month to obtain and process physical items.

  • Use the Faculty Purchase Request Form to make recommendations for books, videos, musical scores, or other items.

If you have any questions regarding faculty purchase requests, please contact Shannon Leaper at or 580-327-8570.

Note: All acquired physical library materials will be housed in the J. W. Martin Library on the Alva campus to provide the widest possible access.

Library Director