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Course Reserves

Save Your Materials

If you have texts or other readings you want your students to access, place them on reserve.

If they are print resources, you can make them available at the circulation desk of the J. W. Martin Library. If electronic, you can link them from your Blackboard course.

Reserves at the J. W. Martin Library

The Course Reserves Collection at the J. W. Martin Library is a set of physical information packages available to anyone at the university.

Each item may be checked out for a limited loan period. The loan period, determined by the faculty member who places the item on reserve, ensures equity of access for all students.

Course reserves are located behind the service desk of the J. W. Martin Library.

There are two types of course reserves:

Physical Reserves

Printed material placed on reserve in the library.

Electronic Reserves

Digitized readings linked from a Blackboard course.

Physical Reserve Guidelines

Submit a request for physical reserves in one of two ways:

Note: All submitted requests will undergo an evaluation of copyright compliance.

What may be placed on reserve?

  • Any circulating item (e.g., a book, a DVD, or a CD) owned by NWOSU Library Services.

  • Personal copies of legally purchased or legally obtained items (e.g., books, DVDs, CDs, student manuals, testing kits, scholarly journals, or textbooks).

Note: The library does not purchase textbooks used in Northwestern classes.

What may not be placed on reserve?

  • Reproductions of a complete or substantial portion of any copyrighted work.

  • Illegally “burned” copies of DVDs, CDs, or other media.

  • Noncirculating items from NWOSU Library Services (e.g., bound periodicals or reference materials).

  • Items obtained through interlibrary loan (ILL).

  • Rented materials (e.g., items from Netflix or Redbox).

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