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Faculty Digitization Agreement Form

If you would like to submit your material for inclusion in NWOSU Libraries' Digital Archives and Resources collections, please complete the agreement form linked below.

Information for Northwestern Faculty

Q. What’s the purpose of having my work in this digital repository?  

A. This digital repository is a centralized, permanent holding location for our faculty’s scholarly works. It not only archives your work, it also makes it easily available to a wider audience for the purposes of scholarship.   

Q. What kinds of work can be included?

A. We accept most types of scholarly works, both published and unpublished, including theses, journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, and conference presentations.  

Q. What is the process for getting my work included in the digital archive?

A. In order to include your work, we need a copy of your signed Faculty Digitization Agreement Form (available below) and a copy of your article, paper, or presentation. If you submit multiple items, we need one signed agreement per work.  

Q. How should I submit my article, paper, or presentation?

A. We prefer that articles and papers be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format. These can be emailed to us or put on a drive or CD and brought to or mailed to our office. If you do not have an electronic version of your work but you have a paper copy, we can easily scan it for you here at the library if you bring it by or send it to Shannon Leaper's office. If you prefer to scan it yourself, please scan text-only documents as a black and white PDF at 300dpi and documents with images as a grayscale or color (whichever is appropriate) PDF at 300dpi.

If you are submitting a video or multimedia work, like a PowerPoint presentation, please submit it in a Windows-compatible format on a drive or CD brought to or mailed to our office.  

Q: Can I submit a work if I don’t have an electronic or paper copy of it?

A. If you email us the journal or website name and approximate date of publication, we can probably locate it. As long as we can access the full text and the copyright allows, we will add it to the digital repository.

Q. How can I find out about the copyright of my published work?

A. There are several ways to check on the copyright of your material.

1. Your publication agreement/license – Book and journal publishers have authors sign publication agreements or licenses. If you have a copy of your agreement, you can read over it to see what the rules are for reproduction.

2.  The publisher’s website – Many publishers have a section for authors or for copyright information that list their copyright policies.

3. SHERPA/RoMEO – This website contains a searchable database listing publishers’ policies for online archival and access.

If you are unable to locate copyright information for a publisher, or you have questions about copyright policies, please contact us and we will help you!

Q. Does the agreement I sign for Northwestern give any publication rights to the university or its libraries?

A. No. The agreement you sign is a nonexclusive agreement, meaning the copyright will not be transferred or altered. The copyright holder (you and/or the original publisher) will retain the copyright on your material.

 If you have additional questions or concerns not addressed in this FAQ, please contact us at (580) 327-8574.

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