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EDUC 5010 Graduate Study Seminar

Introduction to graduate study.

Assignment 1: Find a Book

Locate Print Resources

In this assignment, you will locate a nonfiction book on the shelves of the J. W. Martin Library.


You will find a print book in our library and acquire three key pieces of information about it.

Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment:

  1. Begin by navigating to the catalog. You can get there from the navigation bar at the top of the screen: Select CatalogBasic Search.

  2. In the catalog, use keywords to search for a book relevant to your academic discipline.

    Figure 1
    The Search Bar in the Library CatalogDetail of catalog search bar.
  3. This should return a large selection of resources, likely including eBooks, journal articles, and items owned by other libraries. Limit results by using the limiters in the left sidebar.

    Figure 2
    Limiters in the Catalog Sidebar
    Detail of limiters in the library catalog.

    Limit results to:

    1. Northwestern Oklahoma State University Library Services and

    2. Print Book. This second option may be nested under the Book option, so you may have to expand a menu to find it.

  4. Select a book. You can bring up more information about a book by clicking on its title.

    Figure 3
    Details of a Book in the Catalog
    Details of a book opened in the catalog.
  5. Find three pieces of information about your book:

    1. The call number.

    2. A permanent link.

    3. A citation in APA format.

  6. Place these three pieces of information in a Word document and upload them to your Blackboard course under Library Assignment #1.

The call number appears near the bottom of the book’s information

This number is a Dewey Decimal Number, which represents the book’s location on the shelf. Some books are available in both print and electronic format, so don’t confuse online availability with the call number.

Figure 4
A Call Number in the Catalog
Detail from the catalog displaying a call number.

The permanent link and automatically generated citation can be found using the small toolbar that appears in the upper right corner of the catalog entry:

  1. The Cite button will allow you to generate a citation.

  2. The Share button will display a permanent link.

The generated citation will probably contain errors, so you must correct it according to the rules of APA format.

Figure 5
The Toolbar in the Catalog
Toolbar in the library catalog.

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