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NURS 6010 DNP Program Orientation

An orientation module to help you start your studies.

Section 1: Finding Articles

Keeping Track of Sources

In the following two assignments, you will be asked first to locate an article in one of our research databases and then to locate an article from an internet source.

EndNote Tutorial

You will use EndNote as your reference management software.

EndNote is powerful software, but it has a learning curve. In Assignment 1, you will learn to get comfortable with the program. See the video below (Figure 1) to get started:

Figure 1
EndNote 21 in Seven Minutes

Note. From How to Use EndNote 21 in Seven Minutes (Windows), by Clarivate Analytics, , YouTube ( Copyright by Clarivate Analytics.

Assignment 1: Find an Article in a Library Database


Please follow the instructions below one step at a time to complete this assignment.

In this assignment, you will use one of our online research databases, Cinahl with Full Text, which is available from Ebsco.


  1. Watch the tutorial video below and then locate the database CINAHL with Full Text:

  2. To find the database, follow these steps:

    1. From the navigation bar at the top of the screen, select DatabasesSee the Complete List.

    2. From the A–Z Database List, select CINAHL with Full Text.

    3. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your Self Service I.D. and password. If you are on campus, you won’t need to do this.

  3. Choose a topic from the list of topics supplied by your professor. See the topic list attached below.

  4. Select a full-text article from CINAHL with Full Text.

    Your article must be from a peer-reviewed journal and published within the last five years. See the Expectations for Resources tab to learn more.

  5. Follow these steps to load the article into EndNote:

    1. In the database, download the PDF file by selecting the download icon ( or similar) located above the full-text document.

    2. Next, select the Export Manager, represented by a sheet of paper with an arrow pointing right (), which you will see in the document’s right sidebar.

    3. Select Direct Export in RIS Format.

    4. Save the RIS file to your computer.

    5. Open the file. It should automatically open with EndNote.

    6. In EndNote, select Attach File from the righthand pane.

    7. Select the previously downloaded PDF file to associate the full-text article with the citation.

  6. Take a screenshot of your reference management software, displaying the citation and associated PDF. Then post it to Blackboard. Open the folder Assignments and upload the screenshot to Library Assignment #1.

    This screenshot must show the newly created reference.

    If you’ve never taken a screenshot before, try these shortcut keys:

    • On a PC:

      1. Take a screenshot by pressing Print Screen.

      2. Paste the screenshot with the shortcut Ctrl + V.

    • On a Mac:

      1. Take a screenshot by pressing Shift + Command + 3.

      2. Paste the screenshot with the shortcut Command + V.

Research Topics

Choose a research topic from the document below, which your instructor has provided:

Assignment 2: Find an Article on the Web


For this assignment, you will need to find an article from a reputable website.

  1. You may choose one of the following topics or you may continue to use the topic you chose in Assignment 1:

    • State of Oklahoma health

    • Oklahoma nursing home ratings

    • Oklahoma food service inspections

    • Current standards of care for diabetes

  2. Find an article about your topic on a reputable website. See the list of government websites below for examples.

  3. Evaluate your article using the CRAAP test.

    • The CRAAP test is described below in a PDF document (Figure 3). You may either write your evaluation in a Word document or fill in the PDF and save it as a new file.

    • The source citation must be in APA format. See the Citing Sources tab for information about this citation style.

    • All sections must be answered.

  4. Post your evaluation to Blackboard under Library Assignment #2.

The CRAAP Test

Figure 3
The CRAAP Test

Government Websites

A collection of official health-related websites.

Oklahoma State Government Websites

Federal Government Websites

Centers, Institutes, & Agencies

Disease & Morbidity

Dietary Health

Drugs & Toxins

Healthy Lifestyle

Health Research

Environmental Health