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NURS 6010 DNP Program Orientation

An orientation module to help you start your studies.

Welcome to the Nursing Program

Read This First

Welcome to the research guide for the orientation to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. This guide is designed to support Student Learning Outcome #4: Demonstrate competence in how to access electronic and print resources for completion of course assignments.

On this page, find course information and introductory tutorials.

Under the Assignments tab are three sections to complete.

The librarians’ mission at NWOSU is to help students succeed. Please contact any of your librarians for assistance. The library liaison for the DNP program is the research and instructional services librarian, Douglas Davidson.

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Basic Tutorials

These videos (Figures 1 & 2) will help you get comfortable with the web resources at NWOSU.

Figure 1
Find This Guide

Figure 2
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Nursing at Northwestern

These links will take you to official NWOSU university pages.